Ask Believe + Receive


Why not start in a familiar place?  I was sitting in a public bathroom…

Yes, it’s true.  If you have never been in a public bathroom, then perhaps this blog is not for you.

…and this is what I saw written on the door:  Ask Believe + Recieve

Ask.   There, amidst a variety of unsolicited comments and suggestions, were the words upon which to base a life.  Right beside it, a reminder – if you think high and holy proclamations make for a better life, think again…we are never far away from the dirt of our existence.  The better life is the one that starts in the dirt, and grows out from there.  Reality is the dirt.  This time of year, walking barefoot in new grass is a sweet reminder of the new and better life which grows from the dirt beneath…the dirtier the feet, the better the reminder.  There is no better place to start than from the questions which grow out of the dirt.  Ask.

Believe. Such a simple word. Within it – life, death, questions, answers, perspective, poetry, song, imagery, history, prophecy, wars, peace, policy, heritage, marriage, divorce, disaster, delivery, blood, water, mystics, matter, stars, and science…the list goes on and on… Is there a more important question than “what do you believe?”

Recieve.  I, too, misspell this word all the time.  In fact, I had to look it up to write this.  I wonder if there is more to this misspelling than understanding  “i before e except after c”?   Maybe the bigger idea is this…to receive is not always an easy thing.  “Receive” is something we can mess up all the time.   So many gifts are given to us… gifts we misunderstand, misinterpret, and misspell.  Receive.

This blog grows out of the dirt of  everyday life.  Out of the places we go, but rarely mention in public.  Out of simple questions and difficult answers and awkward attempts to articulate the mysterious.  In the most unexpected places, there are glimpses of the divine.

Ask Believe Receive.  These are the keys which will open the door:  the stories of real life, and within the stories, invitation to life that’s real.

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