The Call of the Wild

“Here was neither peace, nor rest, nor a moment’s safety. All was confusion and action, and every moment life and limb were in peril. There was imperative need to be constantly alert, for these dogs and men were not town dogs and men. They were savages, all of them, who knew no law but the law of club and fang.” -Jack London, The Call of the Wild.

I picked up this quote the other day from my son, and then I picked up the book.  What better read during this winter of record snows than The Call of the Wild?  I thought I could escape into the land of sled dogs and Alaskan wilderness.  Instead, I found the wilderness in which I live.

It’s everywhere, isn’t it?  The violence in our nature that turns us against each other.  We posture and position for power, sex, politics, territory, money, recognition, respect…we are…driven.  The dogs step into the harness with pride, and toil against bitter cold in treacherous conditions to haul the load for miles.

Yep.  I’ve had those days.


The wilderness calls.  It’s a call that echoes through the routine of work, and family, and play.  It’s a call that echoes through time.  It may be a cautious sound, like footsteps in the snow, or it may sound like a brutal wind, or a long, lone howl.

Today is Ash Wednesday, and today comes the invitation to be led by the spirit into the wilderness.  Will you follow?

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