Melted Cheese Memories


There are days when simply finding a parking spot is an adventure.  Navigating traffic and spring snow to pick up a pizza feels like an accomplishment.  Showing up with something to say feels like a miracle.

There are days.

I am participating in something called The Ultimate Adventure – a 50-Day experience of scripture, serving and celebration.  The Ultimate Adventure days are those kind of days. Days when you drive down the same streets but find they look different.  Days when your internal navigation system recalculates, when a meal is more than the food on the table, and dinner conversation can actually change the world.  It really really can.

Tonight we gathered for our City Group from many different directions, and as we shared our stories it became abundantly clear how we are each shaped by our history, our culture, our context.  We are as different from each other as different can be.  Raised in the city, raised in the country, raised on the streets, raised by a pastor, raised a lot of H#%*!  We each have a story to tell.  What brings it all together?  Warm Venice on Vine cheese and pepperoni,  and a plateful of longing and hope and love.

Today I celebrate relationships.  Because you have allowed me a glimpse into your world, mine is forever changed.


Join the adventure –

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