They say when one door closes, another opens, but I find change to be a messier endeavor.

Have you ever stumbled in a revolving door?

My kids came to realize my utter lack of competency when they first witnessed my attempt at entering/exiting through a revolving door.   There are not a lot of revolving doors in my little town.  We just open ’em and close ’em ’round here.  So when we travel, and there are big buildings and revolving doors to contend with, it’s family fodder to watch me attempt them.

There’s a lot to it, you know?  A lot to consider.  Like…

…who is setting the pace of this contraption?  Is it me on my way in?  Or the guy on the other side, on his way out? (Or vice-versa, if you really want your head to spin!)

…is the space between the dividers big enough for two of us?  Or do I wait until there is room for only me?

…will the darn thing slow down and let me back out?  Or am I going to be stuck in this rotating cycle of social awkward forever?

When one door closes and another opens, it’s so … clean.  But, maybe we all need the walking-through part.  The socially awkward, who’s in charge, how do I manage this contraption, in between time.  Somehow, in the middle of the vortex, a million little things are happening that will bring you to the other side, to someplace new.



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