It’s the first day of the rest of your life, and you’re stuck in a traffic jam.

school traffic

Seems like just yesterday I was teaching your big brother the alphabet, and now I’m learning about a whole new set of letters – FASFA, PIN, MPN, XL-TWIN (UC has extra long mattresses in their dorms, apparently).

There will be a day we careen around this corner pushing 40 MPH, fuming because we rushed through the morning, but for today, I am grateful to have finally come to understand that the time sitting in the car is the valuable time, and comfortable silence can be the best kind of conversation.

Just me and you and your SPOTIFY playlist.

BTW…note that I did not yell out the window as you left the car to begin your HS sophomore year, “Do you remember your bus number honey??”

…and that wasn’t easy.


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