News Feed: Friends Bring Stuffed Monkey to Life

Meet Seattle Monkey. I found him on the back shelf of a gift shop in the Seattle–Tacoma International Airport, right after my husband and I arrived for our vacation.

I had to have Seattle Monkey. I had to take his picture with the Seattle–Tacoma International Airport sign.

And so it began.

Our vacation was a 7-day trip along Highway 101. At every stop, just because we found it entertaining, we took pictures of Seattle Monkey. At night, I would post the pics on Facebook, just to see if anyone was paying attention.

At some point during the week, Seattle Monkey developed a following. How cool is that?

Here’s how it went on Facebook:

Some people “Liked” Seattle Monkey. A like said: “What a cute monkey.  I like him.” And that’s as far as it went, but likes are always good.

Some people left a “Comment” about Seattle Monkey. A comment said, “I like this monkey enough to encourage him!” A comment is a little more of an investment than a like.

And then…some people…”Shared” Seattle Monkey!! A share said, “I love this monkey!! My friends have got to see him!!”  Shares indicated Seattle Monkey was a story worth telling. The story-worth-telling brought Seattle Monkey to life!


As a pastor and a communicator, I can’t help but wonder…

What if the church is like a stuffed monkey?

If you “Like” your church, you’re saying, “I have a cute church.. I like it.” And that’s about as far as it goes, but likes are always good.

If you “Comment” about your church, you’re saying, “I like this church enough to be encouraging.”  A comment is a little more of an investment than a like.

But what if…you “Share” your church?  A Share says, “This church has been such a big deal to me!  My friends have got to experience this!!”  Sharing your church indicates your faith life is a story worth telling. The story-worth-telling brings your church to life!

It’s about more than just social media, but social media is a good place to start. Please…share your church’s posts every time you see them.

And then, consider sharing your church.

See ya there!

Seattle Monkey Gallery

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