Cindy is an interdisciplinary visual artist who specializes in drawing, painting, and digital art. Her studio is located in The Morrow Arts Center (MAC), Studio #17.

Cindy is best known for her pen and ink word drawings. Each piece is a message within a message; a word, phrase, song, poem or story made visual by the image their repetition creates. Her drawings are deeply personal as they are filled with the treasured memories and heart-felt sentiments of those who commission her work. From a distance, these drawings tend to look like they are made of interesting patterns. Step closer, and you will find hundreds and thousands of words, all hand drawn.

Cindy has been interested in art all her life.  She began her career as a freelance artist, specializing in print design and hand-lettering. After graduating with dual majors in commercial and computer graphics, she worked in package design and then on to website design, communication and visual storytelling. She is inspired by art that inspires others, brings joy, heals wounds, and hints at the infinite depth around the edges of routine.

She invites you to stop by her studio during MAC events or contact her via email or Facebook Messenger.

The Morrow Arts Center is located in the former Morrow Elementary School building at 10 Miranda Street in the historic river town of Morrow, Ohio.