Corrugated Glimpses of Stars

There is something about a cardboard box that just screams potential.  It doesn’t matter if it’s empty or full, taped up or open, coming or going.  A cardboard box is a sign of change.

All around me lately, people are either packing or unpacking.  Sometimes it’s right, a natural and correct progression of things, and sometimes the reasons are a little… well…dented.  But either way, there are boxes everywhere.  And if you look just beyond the boxes, what you might see is potential…a wide open future just waiting to begin.

The trouble with all those cardboard boxes is they can very quickly become cardboard fences.  There is something in our nature that doesn’t handle unlimited potential very well.  When change brings a glimpse of the vast universe, something makes us count the stars rather than simply look in awe.

Next thing you know, all those boxes lying around obscure the view.  And the unlimted potential of an unbroken horizon becomes instead a mess of plastic baggies filled with extra screws, unfinished plans in foreign languages, and used up packing tape.


If you are reading this and you are packing, think carefully about what you bring with you.  Some things are better left behind.

If you are reading this and you are unpacking, bring it! Break out and run wildly into the unlimited potential of  your next adventure.

If you are reading this and you are my husband, please know that all that stuff stacked up around the living room is temporary, and it’s creativity.  What you are witnessing is a potential masterpiece in the making.

Beyond the boxes, the future is waiting.

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